Katerina's - An eclectic club with its soul in the arts
1920 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, Il 60613

What is Katerina's

Katerina's was a  live music venue

 which served great food & classic cocktails during all shows.

It truly was a cultural center which showcased the hippest jazz, funk, blues,

boogie-woogie blues, R&B, Soul, classical . . .


 World Music -
from Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Greek, Flamenco and Japanese to all Gypsy Genres

 & then some!

One Travelled  the world of music in our intimate space
as each night presented a musical odyssey -
 from a whispering solo of an upright bass to a foot-stomping rhythm of flamenco!

It was  a meeting place for old friends and new friends -

A place where romance blossomed and time stood still.

And for those who liked to travel alone, 

 they  fastened their seatbelt for a magic carpet ride.

As we celebrated each one of  our fifteen  years,
we welcomed each evening with music and/or poetry, theatre, film and candlelight - always candlelight.

Katerina's will forever extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who supported
our mission in the arts throughout the years.
Life is a dance.  We thank all who had danced with us!