Katerina's - An eclectic club with its soul in the arts
1920 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, Il 60613

What is Katerina's

It's a live music venue serving food & cocktails during all shows.

It's a cultural center showcasing the hippest jazz, funk, blues, boogie-woogie blues, R&B, classical and world music -
from Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Greek, Flamenco and Japanese to all Gypsy Genres & then some!
Travel the world of music in our intimate space
as each night presents a musical odyssey
born from a whispering solo of an upright bass to a foot-stomping rhythm of flamenco!

It's a meeting place for old friends and new friends. A place where romance blossoms and time stands still.

And for those who like to travel alone, fasten your seatbelts...

As we celebrate our 13th year,
we continue to welcome each new evening with music, poetry, theatre, film and candlelight.

Katerina's extends our heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported
our mission in the arts throughout the years,
and we welcome new music travellers with open arms!
Life is a dance. Enjoy it tonight at Katerina's!

Admission price at the door for all shows varies.
21 & over for late shows.
Under 21: if accompanied by a parent seated at a table for dinner during early dinner shows.